25 Aug 2016


Cards Galore

After a very busy couple of months, I am finally finding time to pick up my camera just for me again and it feels brilliant. Anyone fancy a night photo walk soon?

23 Jun 2016


The Icing Room

I recently had some images exhibited in a pop-up exhibition in Walthamstow called The Icing Room. Below are a few pictures from the installation (including the work of the other participating artists) as well as some portraits of curator, artist, writer, baker and all-round brilliant egg Isobel Atacus

You may recognise the smoking portrait as one of Tori; the others are a bit of a departure for me and represent some experiments and jiggery-pokery I've been doing with glitches and automated apps. You can see some more of these as they happen over on my Instagram.

17 May 2016


Lemons | Lemonade

Occasionally life provides lemons that don't need to be made into lemonade. 

Instead life offers you up the most gorgeous hammered copper bowl of lumpy-skinned Amalfi citrus, their leaves still clinging to their stalks. Their yellow sings in the shadows. That yellow is my favourite colour.

That's all you need sometimes.

Thank you to the nice barista at Fernandez and Wells on Denmark Street who let me kneel awkwardly on a stool in the middle of the shop to snap these pictures and then waved cheerily at me as I photographed another through the window on my way out. 

16 May 2016


Tori, smoking

I put a photo of Tori up on Facebook last week but wanted to share a few more here. I love these shots for their night-time glamour and for the simple fact that she has the most impossibly lovely face. 

Like my portrait of Ruth, there's an air of classic femme fatale here - the coat collars, the shadows, the intimate textures of hair and skin. I'm continually impressed by my Olympus OMD EM-10 which I use almost exclusively with the 25mm f1.8 lens (a 50mm equivalent). For such a tiny camera, the quality is fabulous for capturing images in low light, my favourite kind of shooting.